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Date of Birth: Jun. 3, 1974

Date of Birth: Mar. 3, 1976



あるほなつき ( alfonatski ≠ Alfo + Natski ) は、 2015年から、あるほ( Alfo ) と、なつき( Natski ) のユニットとして表現活動を開始。2017年からは絵本を自身で製作、製本、出版するRooTsを立ち上げ、あるほなつき(AlfoNatski)としての作品を発表。現在は、二人で一つの作品をつくる、あるほなつき(alfonatski)として活動している。







– Today, when information can be easily communicated and diversity in values and cultures has become commonplace, we seem to be in an era in which being “bound by words” can conversely hinder empathy.

alfonatski (≠ Alfo + Natski) began expressive activities in 2015 as the unit of Alfo and Natski. In 2017 they launched RooTs, by which they produce, bind, and publish picture books themselves, and released works as AlfoNatski. Currently, they are active as alfonatski, creating works together as a pair.

In the production of picture books, differences in the interpretation of words becomes a major barrier. The environments in the two grew up differ, with differences in intonation and in how to read between the lines. Moreover, conveying words to great numbers of people along with empathy was not easy. Still, with neither compromising, they discussed until answers appeared and searched for knowledge they could both agree on, to yield a single result.

When the sender and receiver have a common goal, they make efforts toward that and narrow down the knowledge. As a result, they felt that they could arrive at knowledge without compromising, but at the same time sensed that working to communicate these thoughts to other people was extremely difficult.

Symbols have played a role as a means of communicating empathy. The interpretation of symbols became more sophisticated over time. However, today, when information can be easily communicated and diversity in values and cultures has become commonplace, one feels that we are in an era in which being “bound by words” conversely hinders empathy.

Even if a common goals is not set in relationships with others, the difficulty might be overcome by respecting others as people with connections to each other.

By creating single works as a pair through interaction that uses symbols and is not bound by words, alfonatski’s projects continue to seek ways to respect others as people connected to each other. 

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